Hidroelectrica Wind Services SRL is the operator of CEE Crucea Nord owned by the company Crucea Wind Farm SA, both having as shareholder the company Hidroeletrica SA.

Crucea Nord Power Plant is owned by Crucea Wind Farm SA, having 36 wind turbines Vestas V112 3MW, two poles for measuring weather parameters, two transformer stations necessary for transporting electricity from wind turbines to the connection point in the national energy system, underground electric cables but also access roads to all objectives.

Crucea Wind Farm S.A. is the commercial company that owns the 108 MW Crucea North Wind Power Plant, located in the vicinity of Crucea, Vulturu and Pantelimon communes in Constanţa County. Hidroelectrica Wind Services SRL is the commercial company that provides technical and commercial service for Crucea Wind Farm S.A. Both companies are members of the Hidroelectrica SA group.